Coming Home to Oneself...


Laura would like to invite you to experience the nourishment of coming home to yourself through connecting with your body, mind and spirit. As a Somatic Experience Practicioner, she integrates ancient wisdom with contemporary modalities. She incorporates mindfulness based approaches, to develop greater self-awareness and greater self-compassion. These ways cultivate a path to help resolve trauma; support healing, resilience, growth, inner peace, joy and love.

In Laura’s Somatic practice she works with each person to create a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. This is a sacred journey to be invited to participate in with you….for you to learn of who YOU are. She focuses on working with each individual, to figure out one’s own values, needs and lifestyles …This is bringing deep awareness to one’s own strengths, to one’s own resources…so that YOU can actually have choice as to how you wish to respond; not being captive to the trauma ways. To free oneself from habitual patterns of thinking and behaving. To be able to be in the here and now…so that you can make your best decisions, feel alive, and act truer to your best self.

Having had the honor of working with hundreds of families as a midwife for the past 25 years, Laura brings the gifts of being able to be in a deep process with another. A process that requires trust, patience and respect. Bringing deep compassion, she is able to greet whatever arises. She has learned, by witnessing deeply, that the body holds truth. That when we listen, wisdom comes forth.

Laura has most recently completed Peter Levine’s certification in Somatic Experience Trauma Healing.
She has been a Licensed home birth midwife in the Rogue Valley since 1998.
She received her Master’s in education from Bank Street College, N.Y., N.Y.
Bachelor’s in Social Work from New York University, N.Y., N.Y.
She holds a Credential of Ministry

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